The name "Artiriacum" (coming from the Gallo-Roman first name Arthur and the Celtic -acum = habitat)
means a territory belonging to Arthur and goes back to the year 893. The village, which today is Aartrijke,
was the property of the Count of Flanders. During the absence of power at the time of the Viking invasions,
the Count had illegitimately taken away the 'villa Artiriacum' of the bishop of Tournai-Noyon. Later on the
name changed into Aertrycke.

Artiriacum => Aertrycke => Aartrijke is located within the heart of Houtland of the Bruges woodland and wetland.

2009 meant the start of our guest rooms. At our farm we breed 3 races of sheep threatened from becoming extinct,
all within the frame of the Management Agreements for Nature Conservation.

We offer our guests the possibility to experience the daily activities of the farm such as shaving sheep, taking care
of the hoofs, breeding of the lambs etc.

Large parking spaces are foreseen.

We very much welcome couples, groups of friends and solo travellers.

Rural panoramas, spotting bats at the fall of dusk, hearing the sounds of silence ....