Our farm is located in a valuable agraric area located at 15 km of Bruges and the Flemish coast.

It is the starting point of many hiking paths such as the Sint-Maartenspad (Saint-Martins path), the Sint-Elooipad (Saint-Eloy 
path), the Heirwegpad (ancient Roman road), the "klytepad", the "bosleerpad" and the "Merkemveldpad".

If you prefer taking a bicycle, than the village of Zedelgem offers you two lovely cycle routes, more specifically the "Boschvogelroute" and the "Zilleghemroute". Cycle route maps are available.
Mountain bikes and hikers leave at the path next to our farm.

Attractions :

     a. Historic heritage :
     b. Town of Aartrijke :
     c. Aertrycke Castle :
...The neo-gothical Kasteel d'Aertrycke, previously also called the "de Maere" Castle, was built between
........1869 and 1871 by Baron August de Maere, founding father of the port of Zeebrugge. The castle is located 
........nearby the crossroads of the two ancient roman roads of Kassel-Bruges and Tournai-Oudenburg, actually
........called the streets of "Steenstraat" and "Zeeweg".
........The castle, as well as its surrounding park and ice cellar, is very much like in a fairy tale. The old woody
........domain was transformed into a 19-century castle park by August de Maere and his park architect Jos Fuchs.
........The grandson of Baron de Maere, engineer Xavier de Maere d'Aertrycke was an arctic explorer and second
........in command on board of the ice breaker Polarhav in the period between 1957 and1959.
    d. Wijnendale Castle...: